KATE THOMAS is an insightful writer and communicator. As a marketing and business development consultant, she enjoys helping her clients envision, nurture and manifest what it is most that they want to accomplish and communicate. She spends way too much time on her mac computer wordpress-ing, mailchimp-ing, twitter-ing, facebook-ing, pinterest-ing, etsy-ing, and linking-in. To counterbalance all that digital energy, she leads a double-life in a parallel universe as a gardener, hermit, meditator, and stargazer. In her past career lives, she taught German at the University of Minnesota, edited for the University of Chicago Press, and briefly decorated sets in Minneapolis and LA.

MARTIN THOMAS got his first Apple II computer in 1982, competing with his brother to see who could wreck the keyboard first by playing Olympic Decathlon. Lured by a vivacious blonde, he moved from Germany to Minneapolis, worked as a recording engineer, and started his Mac computer consulting business in 1995.