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Mac savvy since 1995. Learn more about our Mac computer consulting services for individuals and businesses. We service clients all over the world. When you buy a your Apple computers, iPhones, iPads and other iOS devices we’ll set up, configure, repair and train you on how to use their rich features.

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We speak WordPress and Mailchimp. Learn more about our WordPress development services for websites; our design services for Mailchimp newsletters; and social media strategies that help you to communicate creatively using the best search marketing practices.

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We get the big picture. We help businesses establish solid plans for integrating their technology with their creativity. Business coaching with a tech savvy and marketing edge!


Thank you for all that you do to make Upstream Arts the success that we are. We cannot be who we are without all that you help us do. It is not lost on us that you are not waiting by your phone for us to call with some URGENT need to fix right now problem!!, and yet you are almost always available, on the ready, there to support us and our needs with immediate attention and care. This email is to thank you for all the many times this past week and in weeks gone by when you have saved our computers. Thank you, Martin.  You are very much appreciated by the people at Upstream Arts.
Julie Guidry

Executive Director, Upstream Arts, Inc.

You guys are the best. And I don’t throw the term “the best” around unless I TOTALLY mean it. Thank you!
Jen Brower

Graphic Designer

Thanks for pushing the website live! It’s great to finally be at this point and you did an amazing job getting us here quickly once we pulled the trigger.

Shireen Ghandi

Founding Partner, JurisHealth

I’ve worked with Martin and he’s got great design sense, depth of knowledge, he’s responsive and fast. All buttoned up, easy and enjoyable to work with!

Karin Preus

Graphic Designer, Acorn Graphic Design

You are brilliant and fabulous and you make my life soooo much easier. I wish for more people like you in my life, for sure!

Ursula Pottinga

CPCC, CNTC, (ICF) PCC, Profound Growth

Thanks for all you do for me all the time!

Dr. Josie Johnson

Community Organizer

He has been patient with me as he taught me the ins and outs of WordPress. Together we created something I am proud of and, best of all, a website I have total control over which I can, for the first time ever, make quick changes and updates to. It launched yesterday afternoon. Did you hear me squealing? I’m so grateful for Martin’s expertise, vision, and commitment.  And if you’re ever in need of a WordPress site, go to Martin!

Kathi Dunn

Graphic Designer, Dunn + Associates

Martin has been great for us and he’s worth every penny.

Abby Reddy, CLU